• Blair Mastbaum

    Blair Mastbaum

    Writer/enthusiast/misanthrope currently stationed in Andalusia, focusing on culture, language, travel, food&drink, and change.

  • Lynda Duckworth

    Lynda Duckworth

  • João Camargo

    João Camargo

    My grandfather taught me to question everything... and that's what I do!

  • Yağmur Şahin

    Yağmur Şahin

    Co-Founder of DataBulls | Data Privacy Analyst/Consultant at Kazient Privacy Experts | Inspirational Leader | London 📍

  • Anand Purohit

    Anand Purohit

    Author of the XNOR series of books. Owner of a software and consulting company serving many of the largest data centers worldwide.

  • rezwits


  • Michael E Wills

    Michael E Wills

  • Kelly Salsbery

    Kelly Salsbery

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